The Journey… About Sabha (Trust)

This is the story of the people who were living happy & pleasant life in their soil, these were very beautiful people, hard working and nature lover. Height of Mountain was their thinking & Water of Sindhi, Chinab and Jhelum have made them joyful. They very true lover of Farms & Village and their motherland. This land was in that country which was very ancient, having the oldest culture & cultivation of world. This country has faces many changes, in the period of thousands of decades thousands invader have attacked this land. Some dacoit and went away, some stayed here, many empires created many destroyed, but none were able to displace the pleasure of this soil. Like a common man fall on ground and stand again.

This time this beautiful country again faced a foreign bondage, however this situation was from last two centuries but still the soul of this land was alive, The power of this awake broken the bondage and was about to achieve its freedom from British’s This was histories that painful chapter which gave freedom but divided country, friends became foe. Every person in country horrified. This was the man-made earthquake. This quake of year 1947 forced the Resident of North-East Frontier to leave their motherland. Our Hazara, Chachi and Camelpur tribe of Punjabi brother’s displace from their soil (or say soul) within a night. They came to know that this frontier has squeezed and has become Peshawar & Lahore. And now they have to leave this soil and cross the border, India is somewhere else. Everywhere there was Scandal’s, and very hard to identify friends among foe’s. Who when where kill other, nobody knows that. Nothing was there except the screaming sound of “Run-Run” (Bhago-Bhago). Like this scream has covered the sun, just darkness, fear and horror, all were running with their families. Land-Property everything was lost. Live was lost. Happiness was trackless. Peace and Beauty was just words. Now these people have just empty hand with lines, now they have to live their life only with the help of these lines. They have pain of living in their eyes, and now have to convert this pain into Spirit of Living.

After this change some went to the city of Amritsar, Kurukshetra some went to Delhi and even Kanpur. They went were they seen path. Now they have a new name on their face and were called as “Refugee”. People of their own country in their own country now were called as refugees. In this running around thousand people of hazara and chichi came to Mumbai, Young Old Women all were in search for a place to live. They found a camp in the military barracks of Sion-Koliwada, these barrack was not enough for all but all were given place in this locality. Now they have land with sky as shed on their head. After freedom at one side India was about to gain progress and on the other side these brave were searching home in the barracks of koliwada. Food was the first basic need of these people, shelter was the second thought. One of Elder Person who were from these camp said that “When he went to search for work, he got a work of watchman” It was like a straw for drowning man. Another Elderly who has now crossed age of 80 says “Whatever work we got we have done that, Laborious work, after that got a job in Transport Company, After that got a conductor job in Mumbai Best Bus Service, family survive with the help of these works” Looking at his hard work BEST gave him post of Foreman. Now the responsibility to run family was in hands of second generation.

With a very proud voice these Elderly’s tell the story of their people, they says brother done laborious work small business but never felt defeat, and if no work was there than they sold empty bags of sugar, sold chestnuts in trains. Then slowly-slowly started own business. One Successful elderly says that they have done sound of hard work in areas of koliwada and five garden, there was one drainage were they created a bridge themselves, he himself studies very hard and received a job in Punjab National bank and retired as a Manager than started his own Chemical Business. He was not the only one person to achieve success, averagely whole majority has gained success by their hardwork but few people has gain a special place in Society and have illuminated their community. Business, Science, Art, Commerce, Music we are in almost every field. Fact is these punjabi people who came from outside love this soil like their own country. In early days there were farms of salt in area of Koliwada. One of our transporter brother has a very big hand in development of this area. It like many of these have paid for the salt of this soil. One Gentleman remember that now it time of technology our 4th Generation is getting young, but when they have come here and wanted to study they go to koliwada station, king’s circle and five garden for the purpose of study because at that time there were no electricity. The passion to study made them study in these critical situations. With the same efforts they worked and then slowly started their own business. As the happiness started coming in their life they move out of koliwada and started to reside in Chembur, Navi Mumbai and many other places.

Because these peoples have face troublesome life so whenever there is any problem with any family these people come and stand with them. Helping community was like helping family, But also they help person outside community with open heart. Whenever there is any problem situation in the state of Maharashtra these people have reached to Help. To strengthen roots in unknown place, person search for his historic culture and believes, tried to learns from past. Our Sikh Brother made Panchayti Gurudwara all visit there for prayer. Our elders were of Sanatan Society, so for praying together they decided to make a Temple. At start feeling of Temple was main objective; maats-carpets were in the name of wall and tin for roof but in inside the Face of God were Genuine. Devotee took photos of Deity from their home and sit with community for prayer. This Temple started in the year 1948.

Slowly-Slowly with the grace of God, in year 1953 Geeta Bhavan Hari Mandir Founded under Sanatan Dharam Sabha Trust. Every person from community service this temple for many years and the Peak of Temple raised higher and higher. Slowly with the Sculpture of Shree Ram Mata Sita & Lakhan sculpture of Radha-Krishna and Maa Durga also installed. For three years Architect gave his unselfish service and created hall at the first floor of temple. On 23 September 2006 our childrens visited Mata Vaishnodevi Temple, Jammu and brought Divine Jyoti from there, This Divine Jyot is still lightning here. Now ever year 23rd September is a festival day.
Except this temple celebrates many festivals like Shree Ram Navmi, Hanuman Chalisa, Baisakhi, Nirjala Ekadashi, Shree Krishna Janmashtami, Navratri, Vijay Dashmi, Dipawali, Kartik Mass, Geeta Jayanti, Makar Sankranti and Shivratri.

When it was founded that on the day of New Year our children of new generation are getting bad habits than Temple decided and started a Program on the Eve of New Year. This is not the only social work which is done here. Education of Geeta Path has been running from long time, Temple even run Yoga Classes on daily basis for Physical fitness. For womens classes is arrange in afternoon time. Temple occasionally arranges Eye Check-up Camp at the premises and distributes glasses to poor and surgery for Cataract. Trust also has Ambulance. Sanatan Dharam Sabha also arranges for Pilgrimage Tour. Take devotee on tour of Mathura, Vrindavan and Mata VaishnoDevi Temple (Jammu). Earlier in case of anybody death the family of died person offer food to the visitor but in year 2008 Trust decided to remove this custom and instead Temple Trust offer food to all the visitors. Now this service is running very smoothly. By this it is shown that temple is not just a place of worship but also involves in social work and community matter and takes place for helping purpose. This is a kind of progressive vision for society. This kind of Role of a religious society is a must in today’s changing society. With these thinking and work new generation can gain high achievement.

When Temple was in starting days and was busy in treatment of wounds, our elderly have given Introduction of Long Vision and have thought the importance of Education. This thinking for school was so powerful that nobody thought that if there is any land for school or not. They started school inside Temple, even though there was Guru Nanak School in the locality and our children’s were learning their and the need to learn Punjabi Language for fulfilling their but our ancestors were of Sanatan Society and knows the importance of Hindi therefore classes were started in Hari Mandir this is the story of year 1957. Temple received permission for running first and second standard classes, in Morning Prayer in done in temple and after that temple converts into school. At evening temple again opens for devotees. By this way, Hari Mandir diffuses fragrance of spirituality in morning and evening and distributed knowledge of education in afternoon. In Year 1958 classes’ third and fourth standard also started. Sanatan Dharam School was founded. We now received different land for school. It was a Hindi Medium School. Now this school has its own private building, junior college has also started. The need of time made to English Medium also. At today’s date the school has around 100 staff members and 3500 students.

In the development of this school Shri Ram Tripathi aka Shastri Ji has a very big hand. Earlier Shastriji was principal in Guru Nanak School, when he came to know about the plan of Sanatan Dharam School he came here and became preacher. Shastri Ji was deeply involve in publicity of Sanatan Dharam School. He was a Great Teacher. A X-Student of this school who is now children’s doctor remember shastriji with great devotion. At time of examination he supposed to live in the house of shastriji. Shastriji himself take personal care of bright students and teach them with intense care. Service of educators like Shastri Ji has irrigated this school; they are like temple of education.

Elderly are now satisfied of the long journey of the people who came from border to the coast of sea. This community has now strengthened their roots. The small tribe of Hazara and Chachi have now become a huge Punjabi Community. It’s now gaining progress every day and night. The great thing is the third and fourth generation of this community is same Polite, Hard Work and Bonhomie as first generation. This community has served with very higher posted in Govt. of India as well as has setup Business. At One side Hari Mandir is fragranced society on another side Sanatan Dharam School is distributing education. Society has a big expectation of development from this community.

Our Elderly has planted a small plant in form of Hari Mandir and watered it with Hardwork, Heart and Wealth and now this plant has reification into Huge Banyan Tree, whose benefit is been gaining by new generation, Current Managing Committee always remembers those Elderly and Thanks them from the bottom of Heart and oath to follow their footsteps.